art studio
Max Zaxster



Studio: workshop of artists, especially painters and sculptors: it has its own studio; set up a studio; painting studio / film studio, project studio // craftsmen's workshop: photographic studio; fashion studio salon; studio for art photography
Atelier Max Zaxter already in its design exceeds the limitations of the present definition, as it is not limited to conventions, generally accepted interpretations and accepted social norms. The values and modus operandi of this studio go beyond, as written in this linguistic norm. Max Zaxter's studio represents not only the physical space in which the artist creates, but also a metaphysical unit, within which elements of free-thinking spirit, unusual ideas and ideas are spontaneously intertwined from the very beginning. All that is also accompanied by a copious measure of hedonism, which in this context turns out to be the mildest euphemism. The values and work of the studio reflect the love for everything beautiful, good and tasty, the boundless joy of life, freedom in all its manifestations, and at the same time the expressed desire for the superfluous is realized. The whole concept of the studio can thus be easily perceived as an artistic experiment. An experiment in which the central role is played by the imperative of how to bring art closer to people - people of all castes, worldviews, different academic backgrounds, artistic preferences, styles and tastes. Art seeks to bring the user closer to him in the way his eyes and soul see him, while not neglecting the primal sensations and aesthetic value that the individual himself ascribes to the products. How to learn, to give a picture a dot on i that as a work of art is perceived as something more .... And it is precisely this question that for the most part employs the central protagonist of the studio alongside his artistic creation and gives him a strong wind in the sails ...